Exciting New Project

The Storytellers Channel is initiating a project to record the entire Edgar Allan Poe canon. We encourage you to visit our homepage and download the FREE Audio Book: The Tell-Tale Heart. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to your feedback.

Poe wrote over 130 works. He’s credited with inventing the detective story. His horror stories are as chilling today as we imagine they were when they were first unveiled. Of equal interest for us; Poe was the first American to try to make a living solely as a writer.

We’ve started with The Tell-Tale Heart because The Poe Museum in Richmond, VA asked Gayle Turner to give a public reading of it in their garden last summer. That’s where we got the idea. Many thanks to Matthew Whitworth and his colleagues at Overcoast USA recording studios. And Charles George of Entrepreneur Impact for his masterminding this effort.

Of equal importance, we thank the Poe Museum’s Executive Director, Jaime Fawcett, and their brilliant curator, Chris Semtner, who will be providing editorial content of the newsletter which will be our vehicle for promoting our recordings of Poe’s canon.

Future issues of this newsletter will contain a brief story about Poe, his work and what might have been going on when he wrote a particular piece.

We hope you’ll join us for this celebration of a great American artist.