What do you want people to remember?

My daddy was a storyteller. I loved his stories. They were just one of the reasons I so enjoyed spending time with him.  He always had a story to share.  Sometimes it was a new story; often it was one I’d heard before. He had stories about growing up, stories about the Navy, stories about the job.  He had stories about courting my mom, stories about playing cards, stories about me.  Most of all he had stories about the consequences of behaving one way or another. Some of his stories were short, some not so; many of his stories were funny, but not all.  Daddy was a brick mason who specialized in residential remodeling. He used to tell a story about his favorite laborer, Junie.  Daddy discouraged sitting down on the job.  If you’d finished what he’d asked you to do, he’d say, “look around and find someplace to keep moving. No homeowner wants to look out the window and see men sitting around. They already think the job costs too much and seeing guys sitting around just confirms … [Read more...]