Our Values

When extending trust to someone we believe they are both capable of the task with which we entrust them, as well as, believing they embrace the values by which we will judge their performance.  The following values are the behaviors we at The Storytellers Channel embrace and expect the members of our community to embrace. Promptness – Woody Allen said, “Showing up is 80% of life.” In the world of theater and the performing arts showing up on time is the beginning.  In our world, Call time is when you’re present and prepared to begin work; showing up promptly shows respect for yourself, your fellow artists, your craft, your art, your story.  It is not just the beginning; it is THE beginning. Promptness is the height of courtesy.  Please be at the rehearsal hall ready to begin when each workshop session begins.  Rushing in late disturbs the experience for everyone.  If you know you’ll be late (heaven forbid), please notify your director ASAP.  On showcase/performance dates, Do Not be … [Read more...]

Storytelling Workshop Curriculum

Week 1 – Get Your Feet Wet Come prepared to tell a story.  It may not be the story you choose to tell at the end of the workshop, but everybody tells a story, their story, every week, no excuses. After hearing your fellow storytellers tell their stories you may be inspired to tell another story, but from day 1 you’ll be expected to stand up and share a story with the workshop every time we get together. After each storyteller tells their story we go around the table and everyone offers feedback, if they so desire.  Feedback in a workshop environment is most constructive when it takes one or both of the following forms.           “I liked…”           “I’d like to see more or less of…”           “I understood…”           “I didn’t understand…” Note: Nobody’s interested in what you don’t like.  It is difficult   enough standing up in front of people without folks telling us what they don’t like. At the end of the session, we’ll review 10 Thoughts on Crafting a … [Read more...]

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