Dorothy Erlanger

Dorothy Erlanger inspires others to take personal charge of their wellness and their life decisions.  Whether overcoming a birth defect as a child, launching a successful international business at 30 or beating cancer at 50, Dorothy is a master at getting through, around, and beyond challenges.  And she loves sharing stories, ideas, tips, and enthusiasm.   Her signature “the next hundred yards” approach resonates with audiences in life-changing ways. Dorothy shows how each individual can conquer their own personal challenges, no matter what and no matter when they start.

Dorothy lives what she inspires others to do. Having a birth defect actually proved to be her catalyst to success. Figuring out things on her own became her only normal and taking on big goals was only part of the picture.  Her ‘just take it on’ approach helped as she overcame ovarian cancer, usually a life-ender. But surviving wasn’t enough. Dorothy decided to become an athlete after 50 and has completed an Ironman Triathlon — 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile marathon.

In her corporate career, she was the first woman hired in an all-male industry and the company’s first woman sent to Brazil as an executive. Off to a fast start, she learned Portuguese in a matter of six months while managing her Brazilian marketing staff to such success that she launched her own consulting company, working in 45 countries helping to improve marketing methods and facilitating management planning and decision-making. Perhaps the best testimony to Dorothy’s impact comes from a corporate vice president, “Dorothy Erlanger is a superb speaker, trainer and teacher. A straight shooter. She is an impact person!”

As a lifelong spectator turned triathlete, Dorothy inspires others to move from ‘victim’ to ‘victor’. Her story is living proof that finding a goal and a support team can transform the impossible into mini-steps that are possible, no matter when you start. Dorothy has been honored by the people she has served, being awarded the National Association of Women Business Owners Vanguard Award as well as many other awards.

Dorothy faces life’s challenges with intensity and a witty, balanced approach that makes her message come alive. Whether taking on a mountain-sized goal or starting with her “mini-hacks for health” each person takes away powerful messages with lasting impact.

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