Elizabeth Louis

Elizabeth Louis is a personal and professional development coach who focuses on the significance of mindset and perception. She is an up-and-coming motivational and inspirational speaker, life-strategist, and warrior, who empowers people to live, as one’s authentic self. Her witty, direct, and transparent communication style educates individuals by showing them life is a choice. We can either CHOOSE to allow our brain and emotions to control us by reacting or we can choose to take control and respond, as we consciously desire.

Elizabeth believes success is a mindset and if a company or a person is not prospering then it is because of their thoughts, paradigms, and the perception of that individual chooses to see. As a coach, she helps clients identify their paradigms and crush them by encouraging the individual to decide to remain in an empowering state of mind. She built her practice on the trinity of neuroscience, positive psychology, and the Biblical principles of success.

Elizabeth obtained her Masters of Science in Positive Psychology with a subspecialty in Coaching Psychology in September 2017. Her background is one that is quite complex and intricate. As a young child, she experienced a domino effect of death, extreme abuse, violence, an eating disorder that should have killed her, and other traumatic events. However, her invincible mindset led her to run her first business at the age of 13; become a professional model at age 15; move out at the ripe age of 16, and work on a wildlife documentary in South Africa at age 24 before entering the career field she arguably has done her entire life.