Lelia Pendleton

lelia pendletonI’ve always seen the connections between things. This may have started back when I was struggling in grade school and had to figure out things for myself rather than more traditional methods. Or maybe because I have always been a voracious reader, everything from Greek mythology to Kipling to science fiction. Monsters faced bravely, conundrums met creatively, cruelty resisted.

In the arts world, I specialize in creating unique events for myself and for others. Usually, there are limited resources, so I must develop strategies to adapt to challenges and obstacles while keeping the mission or goal in view. Since I work across genres, I’ve learned to look for the similarities rather than the differences between each unique style and voice. Working this way allows me to focus on what’s truly important – that unique event.

In the business world, I specialize in administration and coordination of projects in the social service, not-for-profit, academic, and medical industries, and in the IT field. Whether it’s maintaining calendars and schedules, event coordination, project management, team management, or taking on leadership responsibilities, I can step up to the task. I am energetic, creative, courageous, and adaptable, with a passion for clear, concise communication and ensuring that any project I support reaches its “opening night” successfully, on budget and on time.