Shirley T Burke

Are you one of those organizations or individuals, like many of us, who knows what to do and how to do it, however when it gets to taking action, that’s where you always seem to stop?

Well, that’s where Shirley T. Burke, (She likes to be called Shirley T) starts with her clients. “Pushing those follow through buttons” you have been afraid to touch or explore.

She is the author of “Have You Forgotten? YOU MATTER” to be released in the Fall of 2017. In 2011, she was one of ten people to be named as an inaugural winner of the Boomer Magazine “It List.” She is also a syndicated columnist in 139 countries, through the online Womens Voices Magazine. The Co-Host of Women on Point and Host of Healthy Mind Healthy Body Healthy Spirit, on WCLM 1450 Radio.

She works with organizations that want their employees to have top notch people skills, skills necessary for growth and productivity.

Below are the Programs she brings to life and practice for your organization.

1) Networking

  1. a) Understanding how you come into any room.
  2. b) Learn to take the work out of networking by focusing on relationships
  3. c) Connecting to build relationships

2) Art of Listening

  1. a) Learning to be fully present
  2. b) Learning to listen for understanding and not for reply
  3. c) Building your listening skills

3) Attitude of Gratitude

  1. a) Learn to just BREATHE
  2. b) Recognizing how many people would love to have YOUR life.
  3. c) Learn how to take charge of your day by learning to find gratitude
  4. d) Recognizing more is not always better… Yes or Yes?

More info can be found at – or 804-270-7104 – 804-307-6616

 “Amy Rose Miller – You made the hair stand up on the back of my neck today. Best thing I’ve heard in ages.” Owner at Nouveau

“Shelly Pereira – Amy Rose Miller, I told Shirley T. the same thing –stimulation in every cell of my being. Powerful stuff Shirley T. Burke.”    Owner of Verance Consulting

“Shirley T brings a room alive with her energy, her humor and her inspirational messages. She exudes love, respect and positive energy as she delivers life-changing messages of hope. After you’ve been to a speech by Shirley T. Burke, you’ll feel both blessed and ready to soar!” – Debbie Bowie, Owner, Rock Scissors Paper institute