Stories Build Character

Storytelling Is an Exciting Way to Teach Ethics & Values to Young Children

Stories provide a memorable way to share lessons. Storytellers Channel’s programs are the perfect complement to your character building curriculum. By hearing stories that spotlight virtuous behavior, your students will understand the consequences of decisions.  These stories can help prepare them for life’s choices. Because our stories are simple, they will be able to share their experience with their parents.

To Every Thing There Is a Season

We will custom tailor our presentation based on your needs.  Whether the audience is all pre-school age or includes older children; our storytellers craft the content and style appropriately. This comprehensive approach insures the engagement and enjoyment of the whole audience, including the adults.

Broad Cultural Literacy Lays the Foundation for Good Citizenship

Our world gets smaller every day. Common stories help adults and children alike build trust and community. Familiarity with the world’s Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes and Folk Tales are some of the first steps in developing appreciation for our global diversity.  Stories help equip our children to address contemporary challenges, not the least of which is the inappropriateness of bullying. Each of our programs includes a story on how to deal with bullying, whether bully, victim or bystander.

Our Stories Support State Mandates

Whether giving our children a head start or supplementing and supporting them once they’re in school; we’re all guided and governed by state mandates. The SOLs, Standards of Conduct and state required character education are the True North by which we navigate when choosing our stories and building our programs.

Schedule a Storyteller for Your School

Our experienced storytellers will come to your school to share our tales in the venue that works best for you and your students: class room, media center, auditorium or playground – inside or outside, we’re flexible. We’re also affordable with 30 minute performances starting at $165 and 45 minutes at $225.

We’re Convenient, Adaptable and Accessible

  • We come to you.
  • You can book individual programs or schedule the entire season.
  • We adapt our presentations to meet the needs of your children and teachers.
  • Call us at 804.212.2271 or drop us a line. Info@ Storytellers

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We Look Forward to the Opportunity to Share Our Stories with You.